Organisational Health Scorecard

The Young Foundation’s Organisational Health Scorecard (OHS) is a tool which has been tested and refined with a wide range of voluntary and community sector organisations and social businesses. The OHS assesses organisational health, charts the progress an organisation makes over a period of time and helps us to collaboratively determine a relevant offer of support.

The Scorecard identifies 12 critical areas for organisational development with 4 key headings: Skill and Will, Social Impact, Financial Sustainability, and Ability to Replicate.

The elements of the OHS Self-Assessment Tool include:

Skill and Will

The questions under Skill and Will focus on a range of areas important for enabling an organisations to successfully replicate an intervention. They concentrate on organisational structures and skills and explore to what degree replicating services, projects and programmes evidence-based practice is an organisational priority. The questions in this section also explore organisational capacity, capability and confidence to successfully deliver the intervention.

Social Impact

The questions under Social Impact encourage organisations to think through the level to which the organisation is focused on achieving outcomes. They explore if, and to what degree, the organisation and the team responsible for replicating the intervention are effectively engaged with the beneficiaries, if there is a clear focus on outcomes and to what extent that can be evidenced, and if there are clear and robust systems in place to be able to effectively articulate social impact to stakeholders, communities, funders and commissioners.

Financial Sustainability

The questions under Financial Sustainability explore the financial position and investment readiness of the organisation and encourage organisations to think through what has been documented on sustaining and growing both the organisation and the Realising Ambition intervention beyond the current funding. The questions assess the degree to which organisations have developed a clear business plan and a compelling business model and have defined diverse income streams. This section also addresses, if applicable, the state of relevant partnerships (e.g. Are they clearly defined?, are agreements in place?, is delivery on track?).

Ability to Replicate

The questions under Ability to Replicate ask organisations to focus on and to consider the degree to which the organisation understands and is able to articulated the rationale behind the intervention being replicated for Realising Ambition. Are the barriers and risks well-planned for and are they being learned from by the organisation. Is there an explicit mechanism by which lessons for future replication are being articulated? Is there a knowledge management process in place for instance? How are relationships with partners managed and networks within current and potential replication areas developed and maintained?

Self Assessment

To begin the self assessment process and produce a scorecard for your own organisation’s health click ‘Get Started’. Completing the OHS will form a key element of your Realising Ambition Annual Review.

Independent Rating

This feature is not available at present but will allow you to have your self-assessed Organisational Health Scorecard independently validated by the Young Foundation post-Realising Ambition.